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Windsock The Direction Of The Fluttering

Xiamen Novelty Flag Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 24, 2017

(1) With waste scarf or thin silk, such as light textiles, sewing a 40-50 cm long conical bag, bag mouth diameter of about 10 centimeters, the bag Windsock mouth fixed in the wire ring, it became a wind direction bag. Take a wire, the middle part of the bamboo pole from the top 10 centimeters more loosely around 2-3 laps, so that the wire can be free to rotate on the bamboo, it becomes a wind-bag bracket. Windsock Fasten the two ends of the bracket to the wire ring at the direction of the wind pocket. In the bamboo pole around the bracket wire of the upper and lower 1-2 centimeters, each winding 1-2-ring wire, so that the wind direction bag and bracket will not fall, and will not be blown away by the wind. Fasten the bamboo poles to the roof or playground.

(2) In windy weather (preferably above three levels) to the yard or playground, first identify the exact location of the east and south.

(3) Observe the direction of the wind in 1-2 minutes. During this time, the direction of the wind bag is the longest, so the opposite direction is the wind. For example, Windsock the wind blows to the west, indicating that winds are blowing from the east.

When we say the North wind blows, the wind is blowing from the north to the south, and the wind bag of course is the wind drift, so the direction of the bag is the direction of the winds blowing, that is, the guide of the wind bag blowing is the north wind, of course, the opposite of the wind.

The light direction bag is used to indicate Windsock wind direction and provide reference for wind speed. By the cloth waterproof wind direction bag, high-quality stainless steel bearing wind system, stainless steel wind rod and so on three parts. The cloth wind Bag uses the lightweight waterproof cloth manufacture, has the flexibility high, the service life long advantage, the stainless steel bearing wind movement system by the stainless steel spindle, stainless steel wind shaft, double imports of high-quality bearings, Windsock waterproof components, such as the composition, with high precision, small wind resistance, rotary start wind speed small, high reliability, long service life advantages, easy to transport and installation and use, widely used in meteorology, chemical industry, environmental protection, agriculture, oil field exploration and other industries.