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Windsock High Reliability

Xiamen Novelty Flag Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 03, 2017

Conventional wind direction bags are used to indicate wind direction and provide wind speed reference. From the cloth waterproof wind direction bag, high quality stainless steel bearing pneumatic system, Windsock stainless steel wind rod and other three parts. The stainless steel bearing is made of stainless steel spindle, stainless steel pneumatic shaft, double imported high quality bearing, waterproof parts and so on, Windsock with high precision, high precision, long life, Low wind resistance, small wind speed, Windsock high reliability and long service life. The conventional wind direction bag is a modular structure, which is convenient for transportation and installation. It is widely used in meteorological, chemical, environmental protection, agriculture, oilfield exploration and other industries.

Standing at the airport indicating the wind direction and roughly the wind speed of the device. Is a conical bag that hangs at a certain height.Windsock When the wind blows into the pocket, the bottom of the cone indicates the whereabouts of the wind; the smaller the inclination of the bag, the greater the wind speed. There are red and white stripes on the bag, so that air pilots and ground commanders understand the wind direction and wind speed

Waste towels or thin silk and other light textiles, sewn a 40 - 50 cm long cone-shaped bag, pocket diameter of about 10 cm, the pocket fixed on the wire ring, it became a wind bag. Take a wire, Windsock the middle part of the bamboo pole from the top 10 cm at the top of the loose around 2 - 3 laps, so that the wire can be free to turn on the bamboo pole, it becomes a wind direction bag stent. The two ends of the bracket fixed in the wind direction of the bag on the wire ring. In the bamboo pole around the stent wire up and down 1--2 cm, each wrapped 1-2 ring wire, Windsock so that the wind to the bag and the bracket will not fall, and will not be run by the wind. Put the bamboo pole on the roof or playground.

In the windy weather (wind better in three or more) to the yard or playground,Windsock first identify the east and west of the exact location.

Observe the direction of the wind in the 1 to 2 minutes. Windsock During this time, the wind direction of the bag to which direction the longest time, then the direction of the direction of the direction of the wind was the time. For example, the wind blows the bag to the west, indicating that the wind is blowing from the east, this time is the east wind.

The weather is widely used in meteorology, chemical industry, Windsock environmental protection, agriculture, oilfield exploration and other industries. Windsock It is widely used in weather, chemical, environmental protection, agriculture, oil field exploration and other industries.

Wind direction bag is along the wind direction so that the direction of the wind direction to the bag is the direction of the wind, that is, when the wind direction of the bag guide is blowing the north wind, Windsock so the wind direction to the bag to follow the wind to the opposite direction.

A new type suitable for use in the field of meteorological devices, providing a wind direction bag support ring comprising a wind direction bag rod, two fixing members provided on said wind direction bag rod and spaced apart from each other, and two ends fixed to said And the fixing member is provided with a fixing hole, Windsock and both ends of the bracket are provided with an opening through which the bracket is fixed in the two Fixed on. The utility model fixes the two brackets on the fixing member by screws and loosens the screws before use, so that the two brackets can be folded together and, when in use, the two brackets are deployed The same horizontal plane, Windsock and then tighten the screw can constitute the wind direction of the bag support ring, Windsock and then the wind bag on the bracket can be, so the utility model and the existing wind bag support ring compared to its support can be folded, easy to produce and Disassembly, Windsock in the transport or place to reduce the time occupied, easy to transport.