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Windsock High Flexibility

Xiamen Novelty Flag Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 26, 2017

Sometimes we have a lot of creativity have to thank our color pen and paint, of course, Windsock the most important thing is our creative brain. Today to give you the introduction is the use of recycled beverage bottle made carp flag wind to the bag.

Make the required materials:

1. An empty, Windsock clean soft drink bottle (here is a 2L bottle)

2. Several permanent markings of color

3. Practical knife and scissors

4. Punching device

5. A variety of color ribbons

First use the black pen to mark the length of the bottle fish body, and then draw the fish body

According to your own favorite colors to draw a good fish color (preferably with a bright color, this produced better results)

According to the previous confirmation of a good position, first cut a small knife with a knife cut, and then cut off the unwanted part of the scissors (this part to be accompanied by adults to complete), then we then use the punch along the cut out of the bottle The bottom edge of the hole.

In the hole on the top of the system we prepared before the colorful ribbons

Add fish eyes to the fish with a black marker

The wind direction bag is used to indicate the wind direction, Windsock providing wind speed reference. From the cloth waterproof wind direction bag, high quality stainless steel bearing pneumatic system, stainless steel wind rod and other three parts. The stainless steel bearing is made of stainless steel spindle, stainless steel pneumatic shaft, double imported high quality bearing, waterproof parts and so on, with high precision, high precision, long life, Low wind resistance, high speed, high reliability, Windsock long service life, easy to transport and installation, widely used in meteorology, chemical industry, environmental protection, Windsock agriculture, oil field exploration and other industries.

It has the advantages of high precision, small wind resistance, small starting wind speed, high reliability and long service life,

  Material: wind bag used: imported thick cloth, nylon, high strength waterproof.

The weather is widely used in meteorology, Windsock chemical industry, environmental protection, agriculture, oilfield exploration and other industries. It is widely used in weather, chemical, Windsock environmental protection, agriculture, oil field exploration and other industries.