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Took Out The Flag Hanging Whistle Early Peak Induction

Xiamen Novelty Flag Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 18, 2016

Visitors asked for directions in the field, he seemed to Dalian "live map"; across the road in front of the person, he waved a small flag is "light"; meet pedestrian red light, he discouraged to comfortable accept; he sometimes even a few words of English, let humor to guide pedestrians ... ...

His name is Liu, an ordinary members of the public, but people often pass near Xinghai square, Zhongshan Road station, most impressed him. Another identity because he was "public civilization to guide volunteers", morning rush hour a day job at the junction to flag-guides people through the traffic lights cross the road. Netizen Liu the "crossroad shake flag" of the people in your circle of friends, knows of him, caused a public resonance. Recently, early in the morning, reporters curious visits, witness the volunteers in special "posts" everywhere on the heart.

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