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Indoor Standing Flagpole With Development

Xiamen Novelty Flag Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 21, 2017

Indoor Standing Flagpole The rise of China's flag industry started from the early 80s, although the foundation of the founding of more than 30 years, but the equipment is very simple, in addition to the political flag, the other flags are less. Since the reform and opening up, people's ideological understanding has changed a lot, as the social psychology and art of the edge of the banner of the banner has also been developed, Indoor Standing Flagpole the problem is that our government and professional departments did not seize the opportunity to organize research, Development guide, but its natural formation of the current situation.

1, the first is the banner of fabric, with cotton cloth flag is rare, the current popular is Fuchun spinning, silk electric spinning, Nisi Fang, Chun Yafang and other varieties, these fabrics are not designed for the production of flags The use of time in the market can be purchased, relatively speaking, Indoor Standing Flagpole more convenient, but not necessarily able to meet the requirements of the banner of the material, the development of the 90's polyester Fu Li spinning with 100D low elastic polyester silk twisted weaving, although the use of the fabric There are many advantages, but the application of disperse dye anti-discharge technology there are a lot of trouble, a large area of printing permeability, uniformity and vividness compared with the international level far.

2, one of the characteristics of the flag quality is consistent with the color, so in the choice of banner production process to consider two requirements: A direct printing must have a strong permeability; B anti-discharge process. China's country, the party, the army, the flag is the use of dyeing and dyeing process, and the world's more than 190 countries and the flag of the various flags in both direct and printed, Indoor Standing Flagpole which is a process in the difficulty of the majority Flag enterprises are not enough conditions, so the use of paint printed banner is widespread. Paint technology has its advantages, it is not affected by the performance of the fabric, easy to operate, but also cover the paint in the dark background printed on the discharge effect, but the drawbacks of the coating process is increasingly exposed, the first paint process permeability is poor, no Double-sided effect, followed by hard hand, affecting the flag of the elegant, while the paint color has a certain adsorption, dust in the air stains, and its color fastness is also poor. So to improve the quality of the flag inside and outside, we must use the dye process, which is the weak link of China's flag industry.

Since the early 1990s, polyester silk disperse dyes for the production of flags, pure polyester dispersion process in the printing and dyeing industry is a very normal process, that is, polyester dyeing process is also more mature, but they are still scarce in the banner industry, Indoor Standing Flagpole all aspects Links are not easy to coordinate, one fabric fabric; the second is dyeing; three high temperature steaming. Which is mainly equipment steamer, to reach 175 ~ 180 ℃ high temperature, only with continuous steaming machine, but the investment. With a round high temperature and high pressure steam box temperature can only reach 135 ℃, Indoor Standing Flagpole pull is not enough, half of the padding is the key to the current Although the use of half-pull technology for production has three or four years, but the flag is still very low pass rate, In a maintenance state. Disperse dye direct printing process also involves post-processing of washing, tentering and other equipment, these equipment are basically not supporting the existing enterprises. Imitation wool flag is also lack of finishing, so that the flag hair sensation, Indoor Standing Flagpole the appearance of performance is not strong. In general, the polyester banner is gradually expanding, the technology still need to improve the matching, nylon fabric banner in addition to some of the flag, the paint process is not suited to it, barely applied ineffective. In recent years, although the nylon special coating printing paste (water-soluble, oil type has), Indoor Standing Flagpole but for the flag is not much, as printed with acid dyes, it is even less, because there are many nylon silk screen printing Operational technical problems, while the post-processing is not matched, mainly by the equipment constraints.

4, the banner of production and suspension devices and other uncoordinated do not match, our flag in the lack of effort on the sewing, and sewing equipment on the special differences, such as sewing machine sewing machine, multi-needle sewing machine, suspension device method monotonous and inconvenient , Indoor Standing Flagpole People often buy a banner for how to hang and worry about, as the flag frame, flag, flagpole, flag top, flag spike, etc., variety of small, lack of art, these items are mostly from township enterprises or self- To be taken seriously, should be developed as a whole banner.