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Indoor Standing Flagpole Stability

Xiamen Novelty Flag Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 13, 2017

Currently on the market is full of many types of stainless steel flagpoles, Indoor Standing Flagpole from the appearance to see, there are two sub-section and cone. Indoor Standing Flagpole The section is made of multi-stage welding, which can reduce the transportation cost, but the beauty and stability are lacking, Indoor Standing Flagpole especially in the coastal area is not recommended. Cone-shaped flagpole is one of the molding, beautiful and stability for the sub-section flagpole than the quality of superior, but because of the length of the problem, Indoor Standing Flagpole the transport costs will be greatly improved. Indoor Standing Flagpole So when buying the flagpole when the customer needs to choose the appropriate flag according to their own conditions.

1, components: mainly including the wind positioning device, Indoor Standing Flagpole aluminum alloy precision castings, the use of imported fiber wrapped rope device, to ensure that the products in the air weathering, wear resistance.

2, downwind positioning device, the flag in the wind to any circumstances, Indoor Standing Flagpole through a special device, the flag and the flag rope will not be wrapped around the flagpole.

3, built-in tapered flagpole, through the hand device, control the flag up and down, Indoor Standing Flagpole the flag rope hidden inside the flagpole, to avoid the impact of bad weather.

4, external tapered flagpole, through the flag rope, outside the pulley, play the role of flag positioning and lifting.

5, electric flag cone-shaped pole, can be controlled by the lift flag, Indoor Standing Flagpole keep pace with the national anthem to the top, easy to operate, more prominent its advanced nature.

6, through the hair dryer and strong wind pump cone, Indoor Standing Flagpole cone-shaped flagpole small knowledge so that the banner in the windless state stretch flying.

Sometimes, the flagpole in the production process will leave some grease, Indoor Standing Flagpole this will affect the beauty of the flagpole, many manufacturers will usually use industrial alcohol and other decontamination, the following to introduce more ways.

For the kind of oil-stained stainless steel flagpole, the appearance of dust and dust can generally use the weak lotion and warm water wash the rod, stainless steel flagpole appearance grease, Indoor Standing Flagpole oil, lubricating oil pollution, with a soft cloth clean.

For which acid attached, the choice of immediately washed with water, Indoor Standing Flagpole and then ammonia solution or neutral soda solution of sulfuric acid dip, and then neutral wash or warm water scrub to prevent corrosion of stainless steel flagpoles. Some stainless steel appearance of rainbow pattern, not smooth, Indoor Standing Flagpole is too much use of scrubbing agent or oil, wash with warm water neutral wash can wash away.

For what has been rusty flagpoles, stainless steel surface dirt caused by rust, available 10% nitric acid or grinding scrubber scrub, can also be used special scrubbing drug scrub, so you can maintain a long time stainless steel flagpole.

Some large hotels and shopping malls in front of the front will set a number of flagpoles, and now most of them will use electric flagpole instead of manual flagpole. Indoor Standing Flagpole Electric flagpole is through the motor and related electrical devices, with a button or remote control can control the flag movements. The flagpole is composed of the universal arm, the universal head, the universal seat, Indoor Standing Flagpole the universal seat, the 206 bearing, the retainer, the change wheel, the change wheel axle, the hanging wheel, the hanging wheel shaft, the pole top ball, 16 pairs of wheels, 11: 14 pairs of wheels, reducer base, etc. Indoor Standing Flagpole It uses the motor is a single-phase motor.With the rapid development of science and technology, some electric flagpoles also equipped with automatic music and loudspeakers, so that electric flagpole in the flag At the same time playing the national anthem, even more prominent when the flag of the solemn atmosphere, coupled with the PA device, Indoor Standing Flagpole you can flag on the flag after the report or lecture, so that the flagpoles become more intelligent.