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Indoor Standing Flagpole Brief Introduction

Xiamen Novelty Flag Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 07, 2017

Indoor Standing Flagpole Today brings you a simple introduction of a new type of multiple-segment plug-type flagpole, which includes a hollow exterior, a number of flagpole body and a top section. First, a hook is arranged on the outside, and then the main body of the flagpole and the lower end of the top section are only the docking parts, and then the main body of the flagpole and the plug of the Indoor Standing Flagpole top section are fitted directly with the inner diameter of the outer section and the adjacent flagpole body. The main body and the top section of the flagpole are interpolated together by the inserting part, and the upper end of the inserting part is provided with a positioning device which can be fixed by inserting the outer section and the flagpole body with the inserting joint. This structure is relatively simple, because the plug together, carry and transport is very convenient, Indoor Standing Flagpole and can be very good positioning fixed, which also prolongs its service life.

Last year, domestic activities to boycott Japanese goods, during which many Japanese-made cars were smashed, a lot of people are held aloft the flag parade. "Defending the Diaoyu Islands, hitting small Japan" was the loudest slogan. But time has passed so long, do not know how everybody collects and protects the national flag? is to throw in the corner, or collect it attentively. There is a group of friends who do not know how to collect the national flag.

In this respect, many members of the public have put forward their own views, and Mr Suen has put forward his own idea that when he went to school, he was the flag-raising hand of the school, and when he saw the national flag he felt a special kind of kindness, so he loved to collect the national flag. Mr. Indoor Standing Flagpole Sun says he usually does the national flag after it is washed and folded, then placed in a specific position at home until it is needed. For Mr. Sun's clean and tidy collection method, many people expressed their support.

But the above method for the big flag is very suitable, but for the small flag I think it is not. So, how should the small flag be collected? In this respect, Ms. Chen has her own unique point of view, she generally likes to put a small flag on the map of China or affixed to the wall of the home, Indoor Standing Flagpole to their children as a teaching aid, always cultivate their children's patriotic feelings. This method is really good, the child should let them know from an early age, the motherland time in the heart.

Here's my personal little way of collecting the flag. We can seal the small flag in the form of a plastic seal, then put it in the title page of the album, and then use a frame to mount it. There is also a small way to put the flag in the vase, the national flag as an ornament. This method can not only express their patriotic feelings but also play the role of decoration.

1, Watermark banner production process. Indoor Standing Flagpole The production process of the banner is more complex, the first logo and the text must be the size of the flag to adapt, so the first step is to enlarge or reduce the graphics and text, and then color separations, or graphics carved into the screen printing plate. In the process of screen printing, involves the printing of the width of the table, printing paste, scraper selection and treatment of solid color, washing, ironing leveling and other processes. Indoor Standing Flagpole After printing also need to be sewn, in order to ensure that the size of the flag specifications, but also pay attention to the solidity of the seam, to prevent the suspension of the wind blown bad. The flagpole sleeve (also called the Flag Yong) is the flag appearance symbol, does not have it to be called the banner, therefore its width must match with the banner size.

2, the banner material. In recent years, the flag-making textiles have basically replaced pure cotton fabric with polyester fiber (thin material) and Oxford cloth (thick material), as well as man-made fibres and silk fabrics. Therefore, the use of printing paste also changed, which is generally more familiar with the coating printing paste, so here is a brief introduction of some disperse dyes direct printing and dyeing and extraction of the basic points, because it is the future development direction of screen printing banner.Indoor Standing Flagpole Paint printing process will gradually reduce or eliminate.

Disperse dye direct printing process. It is a special dye for polyester fiber fabric, complete color spectrum, color and solid face, the recent production of thousands of varieties at home and abroad, the choice of a wide range. Direct printing with disperse dyes is a more common process method. As the name implies, is the distribution of disperse dyes to the required color of the paste directly printed on white or light-colored polyester fabric, after drying, at high temperature solid color, washed, soaping, drying and finishing.