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Hand Flags The Consensus

Xiamen Novelty Flag Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 13, 2017

In most cases, countries with similar national flags are closely linked in some ways - either historically, culturally, or ethnically. In general, Hand Flags they are descendants of the same group of people; Hand Flags the other is that the flag is similar because they have a consensus on a symbol / color.

National flag on the pattern has a certain meaning. Hand Flags The United States of the Stars and Stripes, red and white 13 cross bar, intended to represent the United States that year 13 states. And later fixed down, with the flag on behalf of the various states of the stars. Hand Flags Now there are 50 stars on the flag, representing 50 states in the United States. Eagle and lion are symbols of bravery and strength, Hand Flags and the national flags of Egypt, Zambia, Hand Flags Albania, Austria, Bolivia, Ecuador and other countries adopt the eagle pattern. Sri Lanka and other countries using lion pattern. Bhutan is a feudal kingdom, the flag is a dragon, both the symbol of the country's power, Hand Flags but also refers to the name of the country, because Bhutan can be translated as "the country of the dragon."

The shape of the flag is mostly rectangular, but the Swiss flag is a square, in the middle of a white cross, a symbol of national unity and dedication to the public interest. Hand Flags The flag of Nepal is the two corners of the triangle to the right, indicating the two peaks of the Himalayas.

Grassroots civil servants in the actual work of contact or use the flag, Hand Flags often a comprehensive sort of specific issues. On a formal occasion, this problem is usually regarded as the most sensitive, most critical of a flag etiquette problem. In actual operation, the flag order refers to the arrangement of the national order and other flags or foreign flags at the same time when the rise and fall, Hand Flags in particular, it should be divided into the Chinese flag and other flags of the order, the Chinese flag and foreign The flag of the two specific issues.

Flag and other flags of the order, Hand Flags specifically refers to the flag and other organizations, units of special flags or flags at the same time when the order of hanging up. Hand Flags In the domestic activities, this situation is seen. China's flag law specifically provides that the rise of the flag, the flag should be placed in a prominent position. In general, the flag of our country and other flags are specific to the following common situation.

1, before and after the arrangement. Hand Flags When the flag of our country and other flags were arranged before and after the queue, the Chinese flag must be ranked in the forefront.

2, arranged side by side. Hand Flags The flag and other flags are tied upside down, there are two specific circumstances: one, one side of the flag and the other side of the other side of the banner. The standard practice is to make the flag on the right side, Hand Flags the second, Hand Flags the side of the flag and other multi-faceted other flags tied.

3, high and low order. When the flag and other flags are arranged in different states, Hand Flags the flag should be placed in a higher position.