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Hand Flags Pattern Design

Xiamen Novelty Flag Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 21, 2017

After the issuance of the flag of the notice issued by the work of Shanghai at that time had hoped to design a flag pattern to express his patriotic enthusiasm for the new country. Hand Flags At the time of mid-July, he started the design of the flag pattern on his own attic. He thought that the Red Army of the workers and peasants led by the Chinese Communist Party took the five-pointed star as its own sign, Hand Flags and that the Chinese Communist Party was the savior of the Chinese people and decided to symbolize it with the pentacle. Mao Zedong's article on "People's Democratic Dictatorship" points out that the people were composed of four social classes (the working class, the peasant class, the urban petty bourgeoisie and the national bourgeoisie), Hand Flags so he decided to use the four small five-pointed stars to symbolize the four A social class composed of people. After setting the position and size of the five Venus (he had envisioned five Venus in the center of the flag, but gave it too visually cramped and stagnated), he made his own design in mid- Red five-star flag "sent to the preparatory meeting.

On August 20, 1949, the National Flag National Awards Committee received a total of 2992 (one said 3012) flag pattern, Guo Moruo, Chen Jiageng and other preparatory members also submitted their design samples. These selections were displayed in the temporary selection room, Hand Flags and the selection committee selected 38 drafts and compiled them into the "Flag Pattern Reference" for discussion at the newly established Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. Zeng Lian-song's plan was not selected at first, and later in Tian Han's claim was received as "complex 32" "red five-star flag", and according to the views of the group to remove the Soviet flag similar to the hammer's sickle logo.

September 23, 1949, the CPPCC plenary meeting on behalf of the group to discuss the flag program, but did not form a conclusion; there are representatives of 32 program that the four small five-pointed star wrong, that should not mention the bourgeoisie The Mao Zedong and most of the representatives at first in favor of a star on a horizontal bar No. 4 pattern, but Zhang Zhizhong later expressed his opposition to Mao Zedong, that a bar has a split territory, split the revolutionary suspects, and easy to think of Sun Wukong's gold hoop bar. September 23, 1949 that night, Peng Guanghan Zhou Enlai recommended to the 32 pattern, Hand Flags and Zhou was satisfied with the design, and asked Peng to draw a larger pattern. In addition, Chen Jiageng also made recommendations to Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai that the political characteristics than the geographical characteristics of more important, so do not insist on the use of the symbol of the Yellow River bar. Two days later, Mao Zedong held a symposium in Zhongnanhai, explaining his reasons for favoring the Red Star Five Star and reaching a consensus among the delegates. On September 27, 1949, the first plenary session of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference formally decided to adopt the scheme of the Red Star Five Star and renamed it as "Five Star Red Flag". September 29, 1949, "People's Daily" published a new flag on the pattern and the system of law, provided to the community to make use. October 1, 1949, Hand Flags in the founding ceremony of the People's Republic of China, the five-star red flag for the first time in Beijing Tiananmen Square rose. The first side of the flag flying in Tiananmen Square by the female sewing workers Zhao Wenrui sewing, she at 1:00 on September 30 to complete the work. (In addition to the flag, the national anthem, the national emblem selection committee secretary Peng Guanghan, Peking City state-owned Yongmao company Song Shuxin and other two kinds of argument) was the first song and did not dare to believe that the five-star red flag is his design, because in the published pattern, Hand Flags No sickle and hammer. However, the Central People's Government Office later sent him an official letter, formally informed him that the flag is the designer, and with the letter with a hundred yuan as a reward.