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Hand Flags Increasing

Xiamen Novelty Flag Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 03, 2017

China officially established the first side of the flag is in the late Qing Dynasty appeared. After the Opium War in 1840, with the invasion of the Western powers, the Qing dynasty, Hand Flags which had retreated to the Qing dynasty, had increased with the Western powers, and the Qing government bureaucrats, then Li Hongzhang, negotiated with the Western powers, signed, negotiated and exchanged diplomatic personnel. Diplomatic activities, see the Western countries solemnly hanging the flag, while China has no flag to hang, deeply lost "heavenly dignity." Hand Flags So played on the Empress Dowager Cixi, made in diplomatic occasions, the need for representatives of the flag of the Qing Dynasty, the request for the national flag. Empress Li Lizhang responsible for the design pattern. After a lot of solicitation screening, Li Hongzhang was gossip flag, Huanglongqi, Kirin flag, Hand Flags Tiger Leopard flag and other programs for the Empress Dowager Cixi selected, and finally decided to use Huanglongqi flag for the Qing Dynasty. Hand Flags And in 1888 (Guangxu 14 years) "Northern Navy Constitution" promulgated and confirmed for the Navy flag of the "blue at the end of blue dragon opera red beads" for the Qing flag (commonly known as "Huanglongqi").

Triangle Huanglongqi because the warships must be hung with the banner of the government for identification. Qing Dynasty in 1862 (Tongzhi first year) to "triangular Huanglongqi" as the official number of the ship (Note: that Huanglongqi design concept comes from the Manchu eight flag in the flag of the flag). Hand Flags To 1881 (Guangxu seven years) in September, ordered in the United Kingdom, "Yang Wei", "Chao Yong" after the return of the two cruisers, the triangle flag and the warships of the Western countries are not the same national flag, and international standards, Li Hongzhang Approved by the Qing court to develop the Beiyang Navy flag of the texture, character, and Huanglongqi to rectangular. Flag for the feather yarn texture, is yellow, with feather yarn mosaic blue clawed dragon, leading up, divided into size four, the first number of horizontal length 1 feet 5 feet 6 inches, Hand Flags width 1 Zhang 6 inch 5 points; Feet 9 inches, width 9 feet 5 inches; three horizontal length 1 feet 1 foot 5 inches, 7 feet wide 6 inches; four horizontal length 9 feet 6 inches, 6 feet wide and three inches. Army flag with five-color long flag, Hand Flags Zhu will use three-color long flag, the upper corner decorated with anchor. Yellow and dragon are the symbol of the emperor of the Qing Dynasty, Huanglongqi flag as "I then the country" means. According to the five elements of the doctrine, that the central soil, yellow. Represented by yellow in China.

The Provisional Government of Nanjing, Hand Flags China was established in January 1912. Sun Yat-sen is the temporary president, Sun Yat-sen advocated the use of blue sky and red flag for the flag of the Republic of China, but the flag was originally the Qing Dynasty Navy one or two official flag, the revolutionary revolution in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui and other provinces use this flag. So colored flag in the hearts of the people have a lofty status, all sectors agree that the flag for the flag of the Republic of China. The blue sky is full of the flag. Hand Flags January 10, 1912, the provisional Senate through a special resolution, the use of colored flag (or colored flag) as the flag, with the meaning of the five tribal republic. At the same time there are eighteen stars for the flag. In 1913 (two years of the Republic of China), the blue sky and the red flag of the day was designated as the naval flag. In addition to the above three more common use of the banner, other regions also use other flags. At this time colored flag is also used as a naval bow flag. Five color flag as a result of the revolution, the great impact on the people at that time, Hand Flags in the hearts of the people have a high status. It is because of this, it was the use of the warlords at that time, the name of the revolution, as a tool to win over the hearts of people.

Colored flag consists of red, yellow, blue, white, black, respectively, a symbol of Chinese Han, Man, Mongolia, back (Muslim), possession of the five nationalities. (Note: there are that colored flag is based on the Qing Dynasty's five-color flag changed from the five colors is also the five elements of the five representatives of the color)

The eighteen flag is the flag of the Hubei revolutionary group. In August 1907, Jiao Da Feng, Liu Gong, Sun Wu and a number of members of the League in Japan, organized the meeting in Hubei, Hand Flags the task is to plan in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River anti-armed uprising, agreed to eighteen flag for the flag The September 1911, in the Union to promote the planning of the Wuchang Uprising. The two revolutionary organizations, the literary society and the joint meeting held a joint meeting to form the headquarters of the head of the uprising. Set the flag of eighteen flag for the flag. Wuchang Uprising broke out around 7 pm on October 10, 1911. Hand Flags The rebels succeeded in occupying the city of Wuchang. October 11, the Hubei Provincial People's Republic of China military government was established.