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Custom Boat And Nautical Flags

Xiamen Novelty Flag Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 20, 2016

Custom Boat Flags for Boat Enthusiasts.

Boat flags and nautical flags were traditionally used to send out messages to other mariners or those ashore. They were the modes of communication among the mariners during those times when there were no radios, cellphones or any other device to contact the other vessels. 

Today, boat flags are used for recreational or decorative purposes. Boat owners hang these colorful banners to make their boats noticed. Most boat flags carry the corporate logo or emblem of the company to which they belong. They are also a mode of distinguishing a particular boat from all others. 

The parade of boats at sea with colorful flags waving gracefully is always a sight to behold. Having your own designs and ideas reflected on colorful blank flags would make it more personal and unique from the rest. Give life and add character to the boat by having your own flags. These customized flags are created according to the boat owners specification. They are made of quality and durable materials designed to last for a long period of time, whether displayed indoor or outdoors. 

Customized boat flags are also perfect gifts for boat owners and enthusiasts. They are more personal and only shows that the giver has thought carefully of the right gift and did not just randomly pick it. 

These customized flags will get your creative juices flowing in coming up with a design to be reproduced in your own banner. True blue boat enthusiasts deserve nothing less than their own personalized boat flags proudly displayed inside their boat or raised high up in the air. 

Boat Flags for the Young & Old!

Boat flags have become the passion for the average American, because they are affordable durable and really striking. It not only gives a boat precise identity, it enlivens the general outlook of a vessel. From small boats, to expensive yachts and luxury liners, flags that are visually eye-catching adorn the masts and surrounding tielines.

How did nautical flags evolve? When ships were developed, flags naturally were added to it because it heralds the nationality and homeport of the vessel. Sets of flags were often seen on decks more often for semaphore signaling, so vessels would not have to anchor side by side to communicate. But with the coming of the telescope and development of gunpowder, the flags were the sole indication if a vessel is a friend or a foe – thus avoiding skirmishes at sea.

Later on these flags became maritime in nature, meaning all vessels were required to fly one. Eventually with the popularity of these flags, particularly those adventurers (Columbus and Magellan) in search of lands for the King of Spain and also France and England, were adopted as national flags. Even today the era of the supertankers, flags still dominate the masts announcing its nationality.

Special care is extended to boat flags, because of the extreme conditions they are subjected to, from the effects of seawater, to howling winds of over 100mph and its almost permanent presence in the masts. We at NorthStar Flags and Poles always make it a point to be extra meticulous in our treatment of these symbols. Our graphic artists do exact reproduction of designs. Materials used to produce these boat flags are both strong and durable. Current technology allows that colors & designs are reproduced with amazing accuracy. Our Boat & Nautical Flags are made with our State-Of-The-Art Dye-Sublimation Process. The great thing about Dye-Sublimation is, not only are the inks eco-friendly, it also allows you to be as creative as you want and at the same time use as many or as little colors as you desire for the same price. In comparison, pricing for screen printing is determined by the amount of colors you have so printing 5 colors will more expensive than 1. Dye-Sublimation eliminates that totally. 1 color costs as much as 8,000 colors . Also with Dye-Sublimation you are able to achieve gradients (fading of colors) with no problem. Since we use 1 of only 50 machines in the entire world that prints this type of Dye-Sublimation we can literally duplicate almost any image! 

Excellent for both outdoor & indoor applications, the material we use is Dacron (It is the best & most durable substrate available on the market today for this process). The material starts out white and then your image is heat set into one side using only the highest quality UV protected & eco-friendly inks. This process transforms the white Dacron into the colors of your design. Since the transfer is only put on one side, you have a show thru of the reverse image on the back at about 60% . On a double-sided flag or banner the full image appears on both sides. We can also use Satin or 600 Denier Poly Duck which has the sturdiness of a canvas but the feel of a strong cotton to make your flag or banner. Some Common Sizes are 12"x18", 16"x24" and 24"x36"