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Country Flags Lofty Status

Xiamen Novelty Flag Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 07, 2017

The flag of the People's Republic of China is flag, the flag is red, the Chinese national flag size is not uniform, the length width ratio is 3:2. Country Flags The top left is a yellow pentagram of five stars, four small star ring arches on the right side of a large star, and each has a corner pointed at the center of the star. 1, 4 yellow aligned, 2, 3 yellow aligned.

First, the flag surface is divided into 4 equal squares, and then the upper left rectangle is divided into a long 15 X 10 square. The center of the Big Five-pointed star is located in the rectangle 5 lower 5, left 5 right 10. The diameter of the big five-pointed circumscribed is 6 unit length. Country Flags The center point of four small pentagram, the first one is in the top 2 lower 8, the left 10 right 5, the second one is on 4 lower 6, the left 12 right 3, the third one is on 7 Lower 3, the left 12 right 3, the fourth one is located in 9 below 1, left 10 right 5. Each of the small pentagram circumscribed diameter of 2 units of length. Four small Five-pointed stars have a corner pointed to the central point of the pentagram.

The provisional Government of the Republic of China Nanjing was established in January 1912. Sun Yat-sen is a temporary president, although Dr. Sun Yat-sen advocated the use of Qingtian Montreal flag for the ROC, but the five-colored flag of the Qing Dynasty Navy one or two products of the official flag, Revolutionary Party in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui and other provinces used this flag. Therefore, the flag of the colors in the National Heart has a lofty status, all walks of life unanimously agree with the flag of the ROC flag. Country Flags Qingtian Montreal Red Flag was ordered as a Navy flag. January 10, 1912, the provisional Senate through special resolutions, the use of the colors of the republican flag (or the colors of the flag) as the national flag, containing five of the meaning of the Republic. Meanwhile, the 18-star flag is the flag of the army. 1913 (Republic of 2), Qingtian Montreal Red Flag was ordered as a Navy flag. In addition to the above-mentioned three common flags, other areas use other flags. Country Flags At this time, the colored flag was also used as a naval ship's bow flag. The five-colored flag, which was produced in the revolutionary period, had great influence on the people at that time and had a lofty status in the national mind. It is because of this, Country Flags it was used by the warlords at that time, the name of the revolution, as a tool for heart.

The five-colored flag is composed of red, yellow, blue, white and black, symbolizing the Chinese, Manchu, Mongolian, Hui (Muslim), and the great Tibetan nationalities.Country Flags Note: It is said that the colored flag is changed according to the Qing dynasty's colors of the official flag. And this five-colored is also the five of the elements of the theory of color)

July 14, 1949 to August 15, the People's Daily, Jiefang Daily, Xinhua daily, and other major domestic newspapers published a Chinese national Political Consultative Conference Preparatory Committee to collect flags. One months later, the Preparatory Committee collected a total of 3012 designs from various parts of the country, Hong Kong, Macao and overseas. When the meeting was opened in September, a total of 38 pieces were approved and 8 flags were finalized as the alternative flag. The most popular was the design of draft a. Country Flags The design is made with yellow stars on the red base and a yellow strips representing the Yellow River. Red soles and yellow are essential elements for the design of a new national flag, and yellow represents gcd or the Chinese people. But some people think that China is not only the Yellow River a river, and then derived two other draft, draft Erhuang is the Yellow River, the Yangtze River, draft three is the Yellow River, the Yangtze River, the Pearl River. But Zhang to Mao Zedong said, Country Flags yellow stripe red, as the country is divided, should choose another work. Next, Flag is selected.

Red, Symbolic Revolution, five-star yellow, there is a symbol of the Chinese people for the yellow meaning. The big star represents the Chinese gcd, four small stars represent workers, peasants, intellectuals, national bourgeoisie (i.e., scholars, farmers, workers, merchants, "Simin", Country Flags but in accordance with the communist consciousness type, the order is changed to work, agriculture, scholars, merchants, and then to modern words called workers, farmers, intellectuals and national bourgeoisie). Four small star rings arch on the right of the star, and each has a corner pointed to the central point of the star, symbolizing the unity of the Revolutionary people under the leadership of China's GCD and the people's support for the party.