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Scarf to give them dumplings thicker atmosphere

Xiamen Novelty Flag Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 18, 2016

With the advent of new year, wide water weaving group in the volunteer team, specially woven 11 scarf as a new year gift to area elderly. Festivals, children around the knee, family reunion, the family sat around the dinner table to make dumplings was one of the most anticipated scene, but for those living alone, it's just a hope. Therefore, the volunteers decided to dumplings with the elderly, the elderly can feel such a strong family atmosphere. In order to increase the fun, residents also proposed in the dumplings into 5 shrimp, who eat the shrimp dumplings, who is the lucky guy today, also won the prize. Resident country Grandma says cheerfully: "feeling back, family dumpling, a taste of new year. "Grandma says Wei, who fear the new year, every new year at home are cold, well now, with so many people getting together with her, really happy. When the hot dumplings out of the pot, we eat dumplings and a little more fun, wish I could eat the shrimp dumplings into today's lucky ones.