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Xiamen Novelty Flag Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 06, 2017

1.What is the display size?
What we mean by the display is the size of the flagpole after the corners are bent, from high to low.
2. What is the flag size?
What we call the flag size is the size of the screen except for the pants
3. What is your flagpole material?
Our flagpole is carbon composite fiber material, toughness, light weight, wind blowing is not afraid, the normal use of a year
The quality assurance, only the real thing dare to promise this kind.
4. Beach flag (knife-shaped), feather flag (drop-shaped), H flag (rectangular) which style is good?
We recommend that you choose the right shape according to your personal preference
Feather flag (drop-shaped) printing area is small, suitable for simple patterns, but the picture stretched very flat, even if the wind is very large, still very
Good performance promotional content.
Beach flag (knife-shaped) printing area, suitable for traditional Chinese aesthetic habits, the wind when the flag has a dynamic.
H flag (rectangular) printing area is moderate, the shape of the rules.
You can choose the right shape according to your personal preferences
5. Flagpole has a lot of size, how do I judge which is appropriate?
We recommend that you use the space to determine the height of the flagpole
Used in the outdoors, it is recommended to choose the high point of the flagpole, medium (3.5M) or large (4.7M) more suitable;
Used in the room, according to the height of space to choose, usually trumpet (2.5M) or medium (3.5M) to meet the display needs.
Of course, if you take into account the cost of the problem, the higher the cost of the higher the lower the cost.
6. How do I choose which base to use?
We recommend that you use the environment and the height of the flagpole to determine the flag base,
Outdoor hardening pavement, we recommend the use of disc base, cross, iron or water tank (according to budget and personal preference);
If it is a large flagpole, the wind is big, then the proposed choice of 15KG iron or water tank; even choose 15KG iron plate with water
Bag, water tank or disc base (water tank can be used with other base).
Beach or grass, it is recommended to choose straight plug, cheap and practical.
7. What is the material of the flag? How do I choose single-sided printing or double-sided printing?
We recommend that you determine your flag for single or double-sided printing based on customer requirements and budget.
Outdoor flag single-sided printing We recommend that you use knitted fabric material, this fabric due to the special weaving way to ensure that the fabric long-term use in the long-term outdoor.
Double-sided printing we recommend you use Chun Yafang, the flag is single-sided printing is one side, the opposite is the color of the past; double-sided printing is composed of three layers of fabric, both sides are printed separately, can be completely The same pattern can also be designed to completely different patterns, the middle of a shading mezzanine to ensure that both sides of the color is not light, publicity better, but the price is more than doubled the single side.
8. Do you help do the design?
We recommend that you provide a good design according to the requirements of our template, if the design content is relatively simple, we can
9. What kind of delivery method do you use, how long is the regular delivery?
We will be based on the amount of your order to recommend the appropriate number of delivery methods, delivery orders are 7-14 days after the order, if you have
Special requirements, you can communicate with customers, urgent single we will arrange as appropriate. Shipping methods are express and logistics, depending on your order quantity
How many to recommend your reasonable way of delivery.
10. Can you invoice?
We can invoice, the conventional offer is invoice-free, if you need an invoice, please contact customer service and provide the required
Of the billing information.
11. What is your order flow?
According to your needs customers will communicate with you recommend you need the type, category, delivery, quantity, price, etc., to determine these
Information after you please pay a single payment, payment after the success of our designers will take over your order, according to your request
Prepare the design drawings and confirm that you can not make changes once the artwork is confirmed. When the order is delivered, the customer service will be delivered
Know you.

12.About aftersale

Dear customers, you have photographed every order contains our pay and effort, we cherish every of your evaluation,If you are dissatisfied with the product or service or not satisfied, please contact your time, you only need to point Want We feedback the problem, the other to us to deal with just fine. Happy communication is the key to solving the problem.
13.About invoice
OUR all products are non-tax price, for billing please contact customer service price and provide us with the relevant billing information.