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Flags Stitching

Xiamen Novelty Flag Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 01, 2016

Custom Flags Stitching          


How to make your custom design flags more durable? High-density fabric?

Yes, but don't forget the sewing line! multi-sewing-line can make your custom flags extra strong and stay for longer time. But which one is suitable for your custom flags? Don't worry, our sales will help you handle it.

Here are some sewing Technologies for you reference。

1,single sewing line

2,double sewing lines

3,three sewing lines

4,four sewing lines

5. diagonal double stitching-line for reinforcement or Oblique stitching

6. diagonal three stitching-line for reinforcement

7. diagonal four stitching-line for reinforcement

8. Reinforced turn- around stitching

9,Cross stitching for reinforcement



10,New stitching way:Pearl Stitch