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Flag Fabric for Standard Custom Flags - 120gsm Airtex Mesh polyester

Xiamen Novelty Flag Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 02, 2016

Flag Fabric for Standard Custom Flags - 120gsm Airtex Mesh polyester

There are several different materials that can be used to create custom flags. Here at NoveltyFlag, we use many different materials to print with. We have the ability to use different types of materials to suit every environment as needed.

Here is the Fabric of 120sm Air Mesh polyester:

Printing Techniques: Screen printing and Digital sublimation

Maximum Printing Width: 200cm

Ideal For: Custom poles flags in high windy areas

120gsm Airtex mesh Polyester: 

Airtex polyester is durable flag material you can get. There is small holes on the fabric. So, the air can bleed through very easy. So, it reduces fabric stress and is resistant to high winds. This flag material is the best choice if you fly the flag 24 hours per day and you typically experience a higher wind speed.

Airtex polyester flags are made from knitted polyester, so they require a faster wind speed to move it.