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Flag banner specifications and production methods

Xiamen Novelty Flag Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 28, 2017

1) Flag Banner specifications. 

The flag we see in everyday, except for special requirements, is customary to indicate their specifications. 


1 # flag 288cm X1 92cm; 

2 # flag 240cm X160cm; 

3 # 192cm X128cm; 

4 # flag 144cm X96cm; 

5 # flag 96cm x 64cm;

6 # flag 30cm × 20cm: 

7 # flag 21cm X14cm 

8 # flag 15cm X10cm. 

The ratio of long x is 3: 2. Tiananmen Square flag is 500cm X333cm hanging flag is generally not more than this specification. In all kinds of large-scale activities in the entry-style pilot flag according to its size to determine. Generally around 15m x 10m. And then the big banner can only be made with sewing stitching. Flag flag Commercial flags are basically selected according to this standard. Not a 3: 2 ratio of the banner is a banner or special flag.

2) Flag banner production process. 

The flag banner of the production process is more complex, first logo emblem and text must match the flag size. So the first step is to zoom in and out on the graphics and text, and then split color black and white draft, or drawing carved version of the screen printing. In the process of screen printing, involving the width of the platen set, the preparation of the pulp. Scraper selection and post-processing of solid color, washed. Ironing and other processes. Postpress is also required for sewing. While ensuring the size of the banner at the same time. But also pay attention to the robustness of the suture to prevent the wind was bad in the suspension. Flagpole sets (also known as flag Yong) is the flag of the appearance of the flag. Without it it can not be called a banner. So its width should be adapted to the banner size.

3) Flag Banner material.

 In recent years, the textiles used in the flag is basically made of polyester (thin material) and Oxford cloth (thick material) to replace the cotton cloth, as well as fiber-making fabric and silk. So the use of the printing paste also changes. Which is generally better understanding of paint paste and familiar. So here is a brief introduction to some of the basic points of direct dyeing and dyeing of disperse dyes. Because it is the future direction of the development of screen printing banner. Paint printing process will gradually reduce or eliminate.

4) Dispersible dye direct printing process.

 It is a special polyester fiber fabric dyes, chromatography complete. Color and dark face, the current production of thousands of varieties at home and abroad, the choice of large. Direct printing with disperse dyes is a more common process. As the name suggests, is the dispersion of dyes into the required color of the printed pulp printed directly on the white or light-colored polyester fabric, to be dry. Fixed at high temperature. Washed, soaped, dried and sorted. The process is: a color paste a screen printing a high temperature solid color wash a wash a soaping a finishing. Flag 64cm; color when the color. The amount of disperse dyes depending on the color depth, generally not more than 5%. As the carrier of the slurry accounted for 60% to 70%, according to different circumstances appropriate ammonium acid 1% and urea 5%. The remaining water synthesis 100%. Color paste to have good liquidity and stability, printing plate should be appropriate heating. To prevent oozing. While improving production efficiency. High temperature solid color there are three ways: First, high temperature and high pressure steaming, 1 35. C / 2 30 minutes. Second, high temperature and pressure steaming. 1 75 ~ 185. C / 8 ~ 10 points is a dry hot baking. 190-195. C / 2 ~ 3 minutes. According to each set. Washing is to wash the slurry at room temperature and not fixed the dye, soaping is washed with 29 / I caustic soda, 80-85. C / 10 ~ 15 minutes.

5) screen printing and dyeing process. 

Dispersive dye is more difficult than other dyes, the key is the supply of high-temperature equipment and heat, while the is 2, N color paste requirements are higher, the use of additives to be accurate. Discharge is used in deep color polyester fabric. Through the pulp in the additives, in high temperature conditions will be printed parts of the color hydrolysis into white. Pull the sub-pull white and color pull. Such as the Hong Kong SAR flag is white, the Chinese flag is color. Pull white pulp, the carrier with the slurry must be resistant to a variety of chemical additives, the amount of about 70%. Stannous chloride (white body) 6% to 8%. Lemon 05% ~ 1%. Brightener 1% to 2%. Urea 3% to 5%. Add 100% water. The coloring of the printing paste is basically made by adding the prescription of the dyed dye to the reducing agent. Of course, there are many requirements in the specific operation. High temperature solid color and direct printing fixing conditions are basically similar. May choose the best condition according to local conditions. Screen printing is a variety of ways to make flags, because it is not subject to color restrictions. Rich colors. Bright color.

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